Our universe embodied in a luminous sculpture made of glass


The artist Wolfgang Buttress was deeply impressed by the beauty of the starry sky and was the inspiration for his next art object. Our universe Viewed from the northern hemisphere with the naked eye, it is interpreted in a luminous sculpture. It was named Lucent, from the Latin Lucere – to shine, and represents a kind of star map.

Our universe embodied in a luminous sculpture made of hand-blown glass


Our universe, viewed from this point without any special means, consists of 3115 stars and the same number are the spheres made of hand-blown glass. Lucent is a four-meter diameter hemisphere and can be seen in the lobby of Chicago’s famous Hancock Center.

Our universe as a luminous sculpture – Lucent


The stars of our universe as lights made of hand-blown glass


Lucent – a kind of map of the stars from the northern hemisphere viewed with the naked eye


The reflective surface under the sculpture gives a feeling of infinity


Our universe, viewed from the northern hemisphere, consists of around 3115 stars


Our universe as a luminous sculpture – based on the research of an astrophysicist


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