New modern sculptures made from many layers of glass by Ben Young

modern sculptures glass-concrete-palm-figures-islands-water-art-design-miniature

Some of you may already be familiar with some of the works by New Zealand artist Ben Young. He is now introducing new ones modern sculptures made of layers of glass, concrete and bronze. His life on the ocean coast inspired him to create works of art that depict dreamy landscapes with crystal blue water in a surreal way. He does not use a 3D printer or other complicated technology for the purpose. He cuts clear panes of glass very precisely and then glues them together.

New modern sculptures represent miniatures of fairytale dream worlds

modern sculptures glass-concrete-palm-lighthouse-figure-bronze-miniature-art

His modern sculptures show a whole section of the sea coast from the bottom to the surface of the water. Sometimes small figures like palm trees or a fisherman made of bronze are incorporated. Due to the structure of the materials used, the works of art look particularly abstract and realistic at the same time.

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New modern sculptures made of many layers of glass and small figures made of bronze

modern sculptures glass-concrete-palm-figures-island-sea-water-interesting-art

Designs made of concrete and many layers of glass by Ben Young


Modern mini sculptures made of glass, concrete and bronze

modern-sculptures-glass-concrete-fischer-figure-water-interesting mini-world

Inspired by the sea coast


Small worlds made of concrete and glass


Clearly shaped designs 


Small paper boat in glass water

modern-sculptures-glass-water-layers of glass-boat-origami-bronze-waves

Artistic sculptures made of glass, concrete and bronze


Delicate sculpture of a horse


Glass sailboat


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