New art installation by Ernesto Neto celebrates rituals of the Huni Kuin in Helsinki

art installation ernesto-neto-woven-structure-boa-head

With his new Art installation Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto honors the indigenous Huni Kuin people from the rainforest again. After the success of the performance “Sacred Secrets” in Vienna last year, Neto is presenting his first solo exhibition in Finland, at the Kiasma art museum in Helsinki. Inspired by his ongoing collaboration with the Huni Kuin communities, he has constructed new works and continued his commitment to spreading knowledge about their traditions and belief systems. After two generations of forced labor in rubber plantations and a serious genocide, the Huni Kuin people with around 8,000 members in village communities in northwestern Brazil are fighting for their land rights and the preservation of their culture.

Art installation BOA in the Kiasma art museum in Helsinki

art installation-ernesto-neto-boa-exhibition

The heart of the BOA exhibition is the 18-meter-long “Yube Bushka” – a huge structure made of knotted cotton threads that form the head of a boa constrictor and is stretched from the ceiling with a net. On the inside of the woven cotton carpet, small, sewn seating elements and a low marble table are arranged as if a ritual was taking place there. “Yube Bushka” offers museum visitors a moment of relaxation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and strongly reflects the culture of the Huni Kuin, especially their desire to learn from the timeless wisdom of nature and achieve happiness and harmony.

Art installation “Yube Bushka”


Other works for the exhibition are “Casa de Cura” (healing house) and “velejando entre nos” – a series of cloth sacks hanging from the ceiling on which visitors can climb and lie. They add to the overall experience as they exude a pleasant scent of spices like lavender, basil, and cloves.

Soft carpet and round seat cushions


The colorful adventure systems by Ernesto Neto cleverly play with light, space and the presence and encourage visitors to treat themselves to a quiet and peaceful break from the outside world. The art installation was intended to spark discussions about the unity of man and nature, the production of positive energy and the belief systems of Huni Kuin.

Ernesto Neto’s exhibition runs until September 4, 2016 at the Kiasma Art Museum in Helsinki.


woven ropes connect the structure with a canopy


Circular pattern and bright colors




The head of a Boa Constructor served as inspiration

art installation-ernesto-neto-boa-head-experience-system

Yube Bushka offers a break from the hustle and bustle of the outside world

art installation-ernesto-neto-zeitegnoessisch-culture-rainforest-people

Valejando entre nos 


the sacks are filled with ground spices


Casa de Cura – the healing house

art-installation-ernesto-neto-woven-structure-cotton thread