Nature inspires – handmade pieces of furniture are reminiscent of corals

Nature inspires -hand-made-furniture-collection-small-furniture-white

The variety of the pure Nature inspires In the true sense of the word, the German designer Pia Maria Reader designed a really distinctive collection of furniture. It consists of oval side tables, mirrors and decorative objects, which are characterized by an unmistakable organic structure and are reminiscent of real cnidarians or corals. The ‘Sea Anemones – Weiss Installation’ collection was presented for the first time on October 2-9 in PAD London and was supported by the Paris gallery BSL.

Nature inspires – functional sculptures

Nature inspires -handcrafted-furniture-collection-sea-anemones

The designer studied different species of cnidarians in order to reproduce and perfect the design of her project as realistically as possible. The collection consists of three side tables, two sculptures and an oval standing mirror. Each piece is unique and has been carefully handcrafted from a total of 16,000 wooden sticks. The designer invested over 400 hours of work in the project.

Sea Anemones Collection – White Installation by Pia Maria Reader inspired by nature

Nature inspires -hand-made-pieces of furniture-side table-coral-white-wooden sticks

Nature inspires the formal language and how the functional sculptures are perceived. The material for the execution of the furniture is also characterized by a natural origin – beech wood. Each individual wooden stick is straight, but worked in at different heights, they take on a new shape and result in a gentle, wave-like relief. The waves and curves, also strengthened by the white color, create a magical play of shadows and bring movement into the object. The pieces of furniture look sculptural and give wood as a building material a whole new face and astonishing freedom of design.

Inspired by nature – standing mirror as a fascinating functional sculpture


Wavy shapes and silhouettes achieved through deeply worked wooden sticks


The German designer Pia Maria Reader is inspired by nature


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