Modern wall clocks – 15 ideas for an effective wall decoration


For a long time now, the wall clock has not only served to tell the time. Nowadays it is an important part of the decoration and especially advantageous because it can spice up bare walls particularly well. The wall clock is available in many different variants and designs. They can also differ in size. There are classic wall clocks in the form of a box and with a pendulum, but also countless variations for modern wall clocks, with which you can set a special accent in every room. These are particularly popular at the moment.

Modern wall clocks as an accent in the room


Accordingly, you can choose the wall clock depending on your interior style. If your apartment has, for example, a minimalist furnishing style, you can choose modern wall clocks made of simple, straight lines to match the interior. Or vice versa: Break the straight lines by choosing a fancy wall clock made up of geometric figures and bright colors. Whether with Roman or Arabic numerals in a standard or special font, in black and white or bright colors – the choice is huge. All you have to do is take a good look around and look for the right wall clock with patience. Then you can be sure that you will find something suitable.

Modern wall clocks for every furnishing style


You can find a few effective ideas in this article. You can get inspiration from the examples to get an idea of ​​what exactly you would like for your apartment or the individual rooms. Are modern wall clocks too inventive for you despite the many designs? Then there is another possibility. Wall clocks that consist of a wall tattoo are particularly effective. You can choose any motif and clockwork design. You put all of this on the wall and you get a unique, homemade wall clock to be proud of.

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