Modern wall clocks – 11 designer models as wall decorations


If you want to decorate your bare wall, you have different options to choose from. Aside from shelves, cabinets and wall tattoos, stylish and modern wall clocks are also suitable for this purpose. In addition, they are also practical, because you can find out the time immediately at a glance. Whether in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, youth or children’s room, but also in the bathroom – there is a suitable design and motif for every room modern wall clocks. And depending on your interior style, you can also get a suitable shape and color. Of course, with a large selection, the choice can quickly become a torture. But do not despair, because we are here to help you. We have put together a list of great designer models for modern wall clocks. Let yourself be inspired and find a suitable model for yourself.

Modern wall clocks – “Vinyl Chronometer” from Lockengelöt

Modern wall clocks-vinyl chronometer-curly solder

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This original clock consists of a record. The four numbers are melted down and together with the rest of the clock form a sleek, modern design. If you cannot live without music either, this stylish clock is the perfect symbol for it.

Modern wall clocks – Maisons du Monde


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Do you have relatives who live in a different time zone? Tired of doing math every time you want to call her so as not to wake her up? Then this modern metal wall clock is the perfect choice for you. It actually consists of three clocks that you can set differently. This gives you three different times at a glance.

Modern wall clocks by Sabrina Fossi


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The minimalist style of this wall clock makes it something very special. While the hours are indicated by a hole in the form of digits, the minutes require a little imagination. To put it another way: It takes a little getting used to. Nevertheless, it should not be missing in any modern household. The modern wall clock is available in several colors.

Modern wall clocks with style


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Everyone knows how quickly time can pass. And that is exactly what this designer watch from Igor Vig symbolizes. It is also a reminder that no time should be wasted. Do you need to be reminded every now and then? Then this modern wall clock will help you.

Colorful things for the nursery


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The children’s room should always be as colorful and cheerful as possible. For this reason, the wall clock should also be chosen accordingly. The unusual models by Steve Cambronne are perfect for this. The designer plays with shapes and colors, creating original and modern wall clocks in a retro style.

Modern wall clocks – Italian design

decorative-wall-clocks-funky-spaghetti-steaming-cuppa-Time-for-tea-ARTI- & amp; -MESTIERI

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The partly minimalist, partly romantic models for modern wall clocks from Arti & Mestieri Clocks are extremely effective and impress with their great shapes and designs. With a clock of this brand you get the perfect decoration for your wall, whether in the living room or bedroom.

modern-clocks-Denver-Sitter-wall clocks-Arti-Mestieri

Modern spiral wall clock from Zeeshaan


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A great design in an elegant black color seems to be the most important thing here and the time is also displayed by the way. This model is a great example of what a decorative effect a watch can have.

Modern wall clocks – “Harmony” wall clock


Romantic and just plain chic! Even with this design by Glamor Clocks, you can quickly forget that it is not a mere decoration, but a clock. The floral motifs make them perfect for every room in the apartment. If you don’t have a spot for a wall clock, then you can quickly free up one for this modern wall clock.

Modern wall clocks – Catena wall clock


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This is definitely a design of a different kind. The original wall clock consists of a bicycle chain to which the digits are attached. With this watch, reading the time becomes a real challenge that everyone likes to face and is never boring.

Modern wall clocks – wall art with clock


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You like modern wall paintings, but you don’t want to do without a modern wall clock, but you don’t have space for both? Then simply choose a model that combines both. You have the option of using a motif of your choice as an accent for the living room. In addition, there is no risk of losing sight of time while looking at the picture. Really practical, you don’t think so?

Modern wall clock made of wood

Modern wall clock made of wood, rectangular design

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A piece of wood doesn’t have to be boring at all. On the one hand, the wood gives a cozy atmosphere, especially in a darker color. On the other hand, it can be spiced up with a few accents, as is the case with this model. The design of an elegant wooden board and seemingly floating rectangles is thanks to “A Stroke of Genius”. You can also easily make this variant yourself at home.

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