Modern office furniture promotes the creativity of the employees

 project sky look mini garden high ceiling skylights

One of the most modern office spaces is located in Amsterdam. The modern office furniture project was recently completed and presents the idea that space and comfort are part of a creative ambience in the office.

Modern office furniture that resembles a real home

cozy wooden furniture tv room pendant light neutral colors

the modern office interior – a project from the architectural office Xandl– is characterized by large, high rooms that are optimally and usefully distributed. At the same time, the working atmosphere gives an enchanting sense of cosiness and wellbeing. Many natural decorative elements ensure a high level of motivation and effective collaboration.

In the dining room with comfortable sofas, soft pillows and wooden tables, conversations are held during the day, experiences are exchanged and ideas are collected. A few meters away is the spacious main work area. Wooden room dividers separate the work tables, works of art hang on the walls, plants can be seen everywhere.

Modern office furniture – a combination between nature and city life

work corner space use swivel chair painting green cherry shelf recessed lights

The most important thing is to create a work environment that brings you more and more performance. Planters are placed everywhere on the floor and the employees can look forward to a beautiful, fragrant mini garden. The high skylights, which have always given employees a view of the sky and flood the room with light, are very typical of modern office furnishings.

Natural materials characterize the modern office interior

work table pendant light combination wood skylights metal elements modern nature

Natural materials such as clay, ceramics and wood serve as a basis for modern office furnishings. Because it looks warm and inviting, wood is preferred when furnishing. Panels, wooden walls, tables and shelves made of light wood in combination with neutral tones soften the first black and silver look that is so typical of furniture parts in an office.

The pendant luminaires in different colors give an open and pleasant working atmosphere and help those present to feel relaxed and calm. This also increases the desire for work and positive results.

 Dining room invites to entertainment

office furniture dining room wooden elements cushions sofa pendant light television

Workplace can be comfortable and spacious

modern office furnishings branches symmetry green light blue wooden panels

Keep your thoughts fresh through the beauty of nature 

currently office furnishings planters high rooms nature

Decorative elements create a magical ambience

office room cherry wood planter bright ceiling naturalness

The modern look – simple and beautiful 

office room television wooden wall wooden chair clad in blue symmetrical shapes

Surrounded by greenery in the office environment

office ceiling lamps oak white walls flooded with light

Save space as much as possible

work corner pictures hanging lamp stool wooden box optimal use of space