Modern grandfather clock “Soft” by Kiki van Eijk – home accessory made of ceramic

Modern grandfather clock ceramic gold optics, original shape

Who isn’t always looking for the perfect decoration for their own home? After all, decorations not only make the interior look more stylish, but also much more homely. But the decoration is all the better if it also has a practical function. And we would like to introduce you to one of these in this article. It is an attractive and extravagant modern grandfather clock that impresses with its special look.

Modern grandfather clock with subtle folds

Clocks by moooi design Grandfather clock-Soft Kiki Van Eijk

We present you a ceramic clock with a soft, flowing shape – “Soft” is a design by Kiki van Eijk for the Moooi brand. the modern grandfather clock gives the feeling of being covered with a soft fabric. Also interesting is the way the watch was made. “Soft” was first hand-sewn by van Eijk. The unique casting molds were then made from this fabric prototype. The original folds and elegant details can therefore still be recognized on the ceramic clock.

Timeless grandfather clock design by Moooi

Clock Design-Soft Kiki Van Eijk-Keramik Black clock hands gold colored

The modern grandfather clock is available in different colors, including white, black, gold and silver. It impresses with a timeless, beautiful and at the same time simple. “Soft” is a chic living and office accessory that can arouse special emotions in everyone. Would you also like to upgrade your room with something very special, do not think twice, but get the extraordinary and decorative clock. It is guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher and enhance any room. Just as you would expect from a decoration.

Designer watch with a metallic sheen

Designer watch-kiki van eijk-metallic shine

In the search for new solutions to practical problems, the young designer from the Netherlands with everyday things and details that can appeal to customers on an emotional level. For them it is a great pleasure to design objects with their own hands and to use them with materials that are as sustainable as possible.

modern decoration designer grandfather clock-black moooi

Designer watch – friendly, elegant, modern

Designer grandfather clock home decorations Kiki van Eijk-Moooi