Modern flower pots that free plants from the windowsill

modern flower pots painted white monstera plant

Modern flower pots like these are not seen every day. Designed by Tim de Weerd, the Monstera flower pot has long, thin roots that twist and curve unusually. The designer flower pots free plants from the windowsill and carry them on their own thin legs. The roots are bent by hand, covered with epoxy clay and painted with a thick layer of white gloss. The result is a fancy design that looks fragile but is unexpectedly robust and stable.

Modern flower pots by Tim de Weerd

modern flower pots design-tim-de-weerd

The design sheds new light on the traditional flower pot, which could otherwise appear rigid and oppressive. The Monstera plant pot with its intricately curved roots is adopted as an extension of the plant rather than as a separate object.

Designer flower pots – Monstera Magnifica and Monstera Fugiens


fascinating design that combines calm and movement in one


fragile looking but stable legs


coated with epoxy clay and high gloss varnish


the houseplant is proudly displayed

modern-flowerpot-epoxy-coating-high-gloss lacquer

available in two sizes


Design by Tim de Weerd