Modern floor lamp with a futuristic design – trade fair trends 2013

modern floor lamp design wood design trends 2013

The designer Paul Heijnen presented one modern floor lamp, that resembles an insect. The floor lamp was presented in Milan during the Orlandi Bagatti exhibition. You can enjoy the film below.

Modern floor lamp – Hyperion

futuristic wood construction idea

Called Hyperion Spotlight, the modern floor lamp was assembled from several components. The individual elements were cut out of oak with a laser. The individual parts were connected in such a way that the lamp can be placed in different positions. Hyperion, named after the god of light, is a peculiar work of art and clearly shows that unconventional designs can inspire and definitely have a place in interior design. The structure reveals the lamp’s construction and mechanical functions instead of hiding them. The organizer Rossana Orlandi presented the lamp as part of the exhibition in the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum in Milan. The museum is a family house from the 19th century, where the family’s interiors and art collection are exhibited.

Modern floor lamp with a minimalist construction

Work of art lamp wood construction Milano

the modern floor lamp Hyperion is one of the first in a series of installations and Heijnen hopes to assemble a six-meter-high structure, this time made of steel, for the Danish Design Week in October. The construction will be assembled at Piet Hein Eek’s head office in Eindhoven. The project is still in the planning phase, but it is already clear that a laser will be installed inside. In this sense, Hyperion will remain true to its name – namely the observer from on high.

Hyperion – futuristic floor lamp

modern art exhibition design idea

Creative technology and modern construction

Hyperion floor lamp wood design idea

Lighting design ideas – Hyperion

Lighting floor lamp Hyperion Paul Hejnen

Modern futuristic lamp

futuristic floor lamp Hyperion Danish lighting ideas