Modern facade design and outdoor decoration by Wall & Decò


The photo wallpaper doesn’t just stay in the interior. Realistic images become a means for a varied design of outdoor wall design. The out system is called modern facade design from the Italian company Wall&Decò. It offers the possibility to make the external appearance of exterior walls extraordinary.

Modern facade design and outdoor wall design – Out System


Out System is a kind of photo wallpaper or thin coating that can be applied to the exterior of buildings. It is insensitive to bumps, cracks or abrasions, rain and UV rays and protects the walls against external influences.

Modern facade design – realistic structures


There is a wide range of images that you can choose for your house facade or wall in the outdoor area. These convince with the quality of the picture and achieve a high decorative effect. Areas become three-dimensional structures that merge into the urban landscape.

Modern facade design with 3D effect


The outside of the building appears as part of the surrounding landscape or quite the opposite – in contrast to it. Graphic grids and structures such as asphalt or cement harmonize with the urban area.

Modern facade design – new kind of photo wallpaper


Using a special adhesive, the image is attached to cement, thermal jackets for house insulation or paint, and finally a special coating is applied. Out System ensures a service life of at least 10 years after installation.

Modern facade design – geometric figures and shapes


Graphic grids and figures fit wonderfully with modern architectural objects and give an extraordinary decorative touch. Open foyers and terraces can be redesigned quickly and easily thanks to the simple installation.

Photo wallpaper with three-dimensional grid for outdoor use 


The large selection of motifs offers numerous options for an attractive outdoor design that will suit every living style and ambience.

Outdoor photo wallpaper with realistic images sets accents


Decorative figure with bamboo structure is wonderfully suitable for outdoor lounge areas and a chill zone. Arrange with casual furniture and plants in ceramic planters.

Modern facade design and architecture are in harmony 


Modern house with flat roof offers enough space for imaginative facade design. Reduced and reserved, but individual, the monochrome “wall” tattoo with an Asian flair – a Japanese dragon.

Photo wallpaper for the wet room – Wet System

modern-wall-decoration-wallpaper-pool-swimming-pool-wet room-illustration

Wall&Decò delight with other unconventional solutions for wall design in problematic areas, such as in wet rooms. Romantic images or other completely exotic images become fantastic accents in the bathroom or in the pool area.

Exotic pictures and tattoos for bathroom walls


Exotic pattern wall mural – a watercolor-like tattoo of a bird of paradise – adorns the wall behind a vintage freestanding bathtub.

Attractive indoor wallpaper – mosaic tiles and concrete


A wallpaper looks like vintage mosaic tiles with an exotic pattern, some of which are missing and the rough concrete appears underneath.

Accents in the interior with remarkable Set photo wallpaper


You can achieve a vintage flair and at the same time a modern effect with an attractive photo wallpaper behind the fireplace. A distinctive structure and silhouette in monochrome colors look very stylish and presumably keep a personal story.

Design a stylish interior with an extraordinary photo wallpaper


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