Modern bird feeder attracts the birds in the garden

Attract birds in the garden bird feeder modern design garden

We present you a modern bird feeder that attracts the birds in the garden. The design Spun was recently presented by the Urbanprodukt studio.

Birds in the garden – the mobile bird feeder attracts them

Bird feeder garden attract winter time

The bird feeder is very similar to a pulley. It consists of a solid piece of wood that hangs on two ropes. The trick – very simple – the wood detail moves slowly and the movement beckons you Birds in the garden at. Another practical advantage – the ropes can be stretched high on two trees – there squirrels, dogs and cats cannot reach the birds and the food. The design is at Urban product available.

If you Birds in the garden these tips will help you:

shape spring bird feeder modern design birds in bird feeder

Birds like dry food

They like to look around – the higher the bird feeder, the better

Ravens and cats can scare the birds off, make sure they can’t reach the birds

Sometimes there are a lot of birds in the garden, sometimes – none – that could be due to the bird migration

The birds not only need food, but also water – this is especially important in winter

Food attracts birds in winter

Garden attract ideas feed in winter spring