Modern art – installation of light and color by Freddy Chandra

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We present you an artist with an innovative approach to the modern art – his installations with light and color were recently exhibited in Düsseldorf.

Modern art redefined – the installations by Freddy Chandra

Art exhibition Design Ideas Düsseldorf

The symbiosis of contemporary abstract techniques and rhythm give his works a certain character that can be felt. At the same time, the charm of the works of Freddy Chandra can hardly be explained – they have a mysterious attraction. the modern art the gifted American has been exhibited several times in Europe.

Modern art with great appeal

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The talented, Indonesian-born artist currently works and lives in San Francisco. He has already had several exhibitions in the USA; Canada and made in Europe. His installations are wall mounted and offer a wide range of colors, patterns and light. This also includes other art forms such as music. The concept behind this project is based on the author’s desire to examine the difference between reality and dream, between perception and the subconscious. Everyone perceives the space around them differently – that is why visitors are encouraged to conduct their own research. You can get lost and find yourself indoors.

Modern art – exhibition of contemporary installation

Art installation Düsseldorf

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Modern works of art redefine the space

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Art installation by Freddy Chandra

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