Modern art from France – original lamp by Mathieu Lehanneur

Interesting designer lamp-imitating soap bubbles

We present you an original example of modern art from France – the innovative lamp S.M.O.K.E. by Mathieu Lehanneur. The lamp was specially designed for Carpenter’s Workshop Gallery at the Pavilion of Art & Design New York designed in 2009 and represents an interesting composition made of glass. It is characterized by an innovative concept and playful, elegant shapes.

Example of modern art designer lamp

Smoke designer table lamp

The innovative project from the French was precisely handcrafted. After all, his creative ideas offer a new perspective for modern art. Glass plays the main role in his works, as it is a special material that can be modeled. The original lamp, which by the way bears the name S.M.O.K.E, represents a tasteful symbiosis of originality and function. The striking design is similar to a light sculpture that imitates a cloud of smoke and soap bubbles and is mounted on an alabaster base.

Modern art appeals to environmentally conscious thinking and behavior

Modern lamp-smoke design

The talented French architect, interior designer and designer Mathieu Lehanneur, who often works with scientists and explores the limits of science, wanted with this project to enter into a personal commitment to eco-design and to put the current topic of air pollution back into the limelight through his work. The elegant lamp is called modern art quickly becomes the highlight in every interior. She looks inviting and great. The artist is often commissioned by exclusive brand companies for important events and creates wonderful decorations and accessories.

Photos by David Brook

Modern eye-catching lamp

Smoke floor lamp design

Designer lamp mounted on an alabaster foundation

Lamp design modern art smoke lamp

Contemporary lamp that resembles a sculpture

Modern lamp design smoke

Lamp with an alabaster base

Contemporary lamp design alabaster foundation

Black glass is used

lamp design Mathieu Lehanneur

Innovative design by Mathieu Lehanneur

Designer lamp-Mathieu Lehanneur