Minimalist iPhone 6 case – the stylish Radius V2

modern iPhone 6 case aluminum design

The Radius case with its interesting, minimalist design was specially developed for the iPhone 5 in San Jose, California. Their popularity rose quickly. And now it is also available for the new iPhone 6. So if you are looking for a stylish case that doesn’t hide the great design of your iPhone 6, then Radius V2 is for you – the popular, minimalist one iPhone 6 case is only formed by an x-shaped frame and corner parts and is therefore like a bikini for your iPhone.

Minimalist iPhone 6 case – high quality, timeless design

modern iPhone case timeless design gift ideas

 It is made of aluminum, while the screws are made of stainless steel. The minimalist design is unconventional and stylish and goes perfectly with the modern design of the iPhone 6. The case is available in three versions – silver, silver with red accents, black, black with red accents. So everyone can find the right design – or bring joy to a friend and give it for Christmas. And so looks the minimalist iPhone 6 case the end:

Modern and minimalist – iPhone case for real trendsetters

cool christmas gifts friend iPhone 6 case

The case is available in several color combinations – silver, black and red

iPhone case stylish elegant gifts Christmas gadgets ideas

There is even a variant in rose gold color

modern iPhone 6 case red aluminum accents

Radius envelope for iPhone from Bitemyapple