Mercedes-Benz surfboard for Garrett McNamara made of cork

Mercedes-Benz surfboard

Once again, the Mercedes design studio has developed a surfboard for surfer Garrett McNamara. This time it is made entirely from Portuguese cork. The famous surfer has the title for surfing the biggest wave in Nazaré in Portugal. He also used Mercedes surfboards during a storm in 2013 to ride huge waves at 62.4 km / h. And for this purpose the new Mercedes-Benz surfboard serve – with it, too, the greatest waves in the world should be conquered. For the production, the Mercedes design studio worked with Corticeira Amorim Cork Composites. You can take a closer look at the impressive design in this article.

Mercedes-Benz surfboard


As you may recall, this is not the first time Mercedes has developed a surfing board for the famous surfer McNamara. In 2013 it was created in collaboration with BBDO Portugal the famous board “The Silver Arrow of the Seas”. For the new project, only cork was used, which was provided by a company based in Portugal and is actually used for the production of corks. To the new one model says Garrett McNamara: “Since Portugal is the largest producer of cork, it only makes sense to use this material to make a high-performance surfboard for surfing in Nazaré. When surfing big waves, we need a flexible surfboard that is still stable enough not to break. “

Mercedes-Benz surfboard – a look at the cork production


Incidentally, not all of the cork was painted with paint during processing and design. The board has a transparent coating on the sides, thanks to which the material remains visible. But just take a look for yourself:

The sporty model is formed


“The Silver Arrow of the Seas” from 2013

Design surfboard set up