Make wood furniture yourself – the innovative puzzle collection

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Similar to a puzzle game, you can also create modern pieces from several individual parts Wood furniture tinker for the living room. You don’t believe it? We present you the Praktrik collection.

Do-it-yourself wooden furniture – part by part for the perfect design

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The Bulgarian studio and brand Praktrik has long been known for its modern furniture. The popularity of the brand is mainly due to the innovative tricks that turn the assembly of the furniture into a game. Each piece of furniture from the collection is a small piece of the puzzle. In this way, intelligence and rational thinking are stimulated. the Wood furniture At first glance, they have a complicated construction that consists of several parts. When the individual elements are connected, an original construction with 3D effects is created. We were particularly impressed by the symmetry of the designs. The choice of materials can vary from furniture set to furniture set – the designers strive to use sustainable materials such as wood or recycled plastic.

Wooden furniture for puzzle enthusiasts

Chair make yourself elements design wood furniture

the Wood furniture by Praktrik are divided into three categories, depending on the level of difficulty and the number of elements. Three collections were recently presented – the first is based on the principle of coordination – all elements must be assembled at once. When the structure is ready, it remains very stable, even if several elements are taken out. the second consists of elements with slide rails, the third is for real puzzle professionals and literally means – impossible. In theory, it is not impossible to assemble the furniture, in any case you need a lot of imagination and skill.

The wooden table with a puzzle construction

Praktrik puzzle furniture wood

The table consists of over 24 individual elements

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Modern furniture to build yourself – individual parts

Furniture puzzle pieces original design

Parts for the lamp – made of wood

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Fast construction instructions