Le eleMMent Palazzo – the most expensive luxury motorhome in the world

Most expensive motorhome in the world-eleMMent palazzo-Luxus Exterior

It is a luxury to travel around the world, and it is a double luxury with an ultra modern motorhome. But this dream seems realizable for a nice sum of money. Le eleMMent Palazzo is the world’s most expensive Luxury motorhome – Its price is around $ 3.1 million. The generous vehicle enchants with a futuristic-looking exterior and grandiose furnishings.

Luxury motorhome in an extravagant design

Elemment Palazzo motorhome modern luxury exterior design

That Luxury motorhome of the automotive brand Marchi Mobile inspires at first glance. Its unusual shape hides optimal comfort, ergonomics and reliability.

Luxury motorhome offers soothing relaxation in a royal ambience

World's Most Expensive Motorhome Design Trends eleMMent Palazzo-Marchi Mobile

The wonderful Luxury motorhome eleMMent palazzo takes you on a fascinating journey through life. There are 2 fully equipped levels available – inside there is a spacious sleeping area with an integrated bathroom, mini-bar and lounge area, as well as a small terrace on the roof. The caravan has an automatically extendable flybridge. Everything is electronically regulated at the push of a button – the living area is extended, the desired room temperature or the lighting ambience is set.

The new vehicle class with lounge furniture

Luxurious mobility built-in kitchen gloss white front motorhome design skylight

Marchi Mobile stands for maximum comfort in an exclusive design. The company attaches great importance to uniqueness. Le eleMMent Palazzo was developed by the company’s best partners and made from high quality materials with the finest workmanship.

Stylish antique look

Bedroom bathroom area integrated-automatically flybridge-with lounge furniture

The sleeping area was furnished in a regal style. The noble ambience gives you a guarantee for a unique living experience.

Luxurious mobility

Motorhome futuristic design-luxury furnishings-sleeping area eleMMent Palazzo

Complex relaxation in the lounge area 

Motorhome interior design, hi-tech equipment-exclusivity, extravagance, pop-top roof

 Ultra modern giant sedan

Luxury vehicles motorhome seats armrests headrest design

Equipment adjustable via touchscreen

Futuristic seats vehicle modern motorhome design eleMMent-Palazzo

minimalist shapes

Modern sofa landscape upholstery-royal red textiles-motorhome motorhomes

Timelessly beautiful rooms with design elements in an antique look

World's most expensive motorhome Luxury interior design sleeping area Red bedspread

V.I.P motorhome with complete equipment

Motorhome with complete equipment-internal staircase 2-deck sofa area

The deck – perfect for a private party

Wood deck motorhome design luxury living experience vehicles

Luxury caravan with an extravagant exterior

Marchi Mobile-luxury vehicles design luxury hi-tech lounge furniture

The masterpiece of the modern mobile industry

Futuristic design vehicles-camper eleMMent-Palazzo gold-effect lacquer

Luxury vehicle with a sundeck

Motorhome elemment palazzo design decks white exterior luxury