Knight clock from Urwerk with modern satellite hours

lemon orange neon bracelet knight watch titanium

The Swiss company Urwerk recently presented an original model for watches. It’s the new collection Knight watch UR-105TA. What is particularly original is that the time cannot be read using either the hands or a digital display. Instead, the so-called satellite hour is used for this purpose, with four rotating wheels showing the hour. At the bottom there is a rail that shows the minutes. Incidentally, this has been Urwerk’s trademark for over 18 years. The watches work with the help of an automatic winding system controlled by a double turbine at a frequency of 4 Hz. The impressive Knight watch is water-resistant to up to 30 meters.

Knight watch in black

black knight watch steel case minute rail bracelet

The Knight watch is available in four colors, all four of which have a black titanium case and three of them have a black steel frame. In the yellow and orange models, these details are colored, as is the bracelet. In the black version, all parts are black. The Rosé Gold (RG) model is a particular exception. There the time indicators are black, while the case on the back, as the name suggests, is made of rose gold. The bracelet is made of elegant, black leather. The design of the Knight watch was inspired by science fiction and is therefore perfect for all fans of futuristic designs. The impressive Knights are available from around 55,000 euros. Here are a few more interesting photos of the other models and from a different perspective:

Knight clock in orange

orange knight watch case steel black urwerk

The watch with details in rose gold

urwerk model collection knight rose gold satellite hour

The Knights with automatic double turbine

neon yellow clock lettering double turbine modern design

Modern design for Urwerk watches

knight clock urwerk orange yellow satellite hour housing

Knight watch from Urwerk.