Johnson Tsang’s stunning steel and ceramic sculptures

Ceramic design object cup-frozen on motion

the Steel and ceramic sculptures by Johnson Tsang have become popular all over the world. The talented artist from Hong Kong specializes in ceramics and stainless steel sculpture and has dealt intensively with the production of art in public spaces. In the “Splash of Wonder” collection, Tsang combines the sculptural means of plastic and sculpture with his surrealistic imagination.

Amazing modern art – steel and ceramic sculptures

Freeze Movement Modern Art Pieces Tsang Metal Sculpture

the Steel and ceramic sculptures frozen the movement at just the right moment. The starting point for the creation was the integration of 2 elements – people and objects that merge in an extraordinary concept. Their feelings can be seen immediately on people’s faces. However, love appears as a leitmotif. The recordings were made in a dark room, creating strong contrasts. The collection can be described in two words – simple and ingenious.

Abstract sculptures made of steel and ceramics

Movement frozen Ceramic sculpture water splash

Since 1993 the widely recognized artist has exhibited his works in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Spain, Switzerland and others. Some of his Steel and ceramic sculptures are museum exhibits, others belong to private collectors’ collections.

A result of creative work, creativity and attention to detail

Rose leaves sculpture-Tsang Johnson

Ceramic roses 

Flower ceramic sculpture faces-rose petals

Ceramic mug inspired by the kiss

Ceramic Sculpture Mug Surrealist Art

White ceramic sculpture 

Ceramic cup design art objects miniatures

Ceramic miniatures

Miniature sculpture ceramic modern art

Modern art with high-speed photography effects from Johnson Tsang

Ceramic mug sculpture frozen-movement white

Freeze the movements

High-speed photography-inspired sculpture modern

Fluid appearance

Ceramic Sculpture Tsang Surrealism Modern Art

“Splash of Wonder” collection

Johnson Tsang Collection - Ceramic vessels of modern art

Avant-garde and eccentric metal sculpture

Stainless steel sculpture Johnson Tsang-frozen while pouring

Shiny See steel spray very futuristic

Steel Sculpture-Surrealistic-Women Face-Johnson Tsang Art

“Yuanyang” sculpture 

Yuanyang Sculpture Modern Art Johnson Tsang Metal

Frozen while splashing

Splashing water ceramic extraordinary frozen sculptures