Innovative furniture design – original chairs collection

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Annie Evelin is a designer who sets herself apart from the crowd with her unique style. you Furniture design becomes an eye-catcher in every room. The collection of chairs is called Squishy, ​​and was commissioned by the New York company New Colony. The pieces of furniture reveal a happy attitude towards life and will create a unique look in every room.

Modern furniture design – chairs with extraordinary seats

Setting up concrete block chair wood frame

Modern furniture design always manages to surprise and fascinate us. And we thought we had seen everything in this area! But the chairs from Annie Evelin we really loved it. The seat of the first chair was made of splintered concrete. Surprisingly, this not only gives the piece of furniture an architectural and artistic look, but is also very comfortable. Another chair is made from tree trunks – the natural look is reminiscent of the important role trees play in the ecosystem.

Furniture design – chairs decorate the dining room

Tree trunks seat green color

The chairs from the collection are not just to be used as decoration. They are very practical and can be used for a long time without any problems. They are best combined with a simple table that enhances the beauty of the Furniture design brings out better. Round tables usually need strong contrasts. Opposites attract – the knitted rectangular shape of the chairs will compliment the table. Minimalist or Scandinavian furnishings will also benefit from the chairs. The color combinations are deliberately kept simple. The natural wood color comes thanks to the innovative Furniture design to better advantage.

Wooden chair with glass details

Mosaic chair dining room design idea

Wood carving on the seat

original design stylish addition oak

Tree trunks as decoration

blue chair wood design

original concept furniture design chair shape