Ideas for gifts for Christmas – 12 great hi-tech gadgets

Christmas Gadgets Hi Tech Gift Idea Db60 Bluetooth Speaker Concept-Dngroup

Christmas is the best festival in winter! At Christmas you have the opportunity to give something nice to your loved ones, friends and family. Many people like to surround themselves with digital gadgets and would be very happy to receive a hi-tech gift. The pre-Christmas season is perfect for a leisurely shopping trip to the technical markets. It feels great to see your loved one’s eyes light up. Would you like to find original Christmas gifts again this year? Then let our creative ideas for you Christmas presents to inspire!

Hi-tech gifts for Christmas: designer speakers

Hi-tech speaker wall decoration accessories I-Phone Bluetooth Design-DNgroup gift idea

Do you prefer practical gifts for Christmas? Db60 Bluetooth speaker concept by Dngroup Studio from Denmark convinces with a reduced and simple Scandinavian design. The cylindrical mobile device can be attached to any wall and has a strictly minimalist appearance. The loudspeaker is very practical and is characterized by its dynamic functionality.

 iPhone 5s with fingerprint sensor – Christmas gifts for Apple fans

iPhone 5s with Fingerprint Sensor Gadgets Ideas Scanner Camera Resolution Design

The new Iphone 5s has important features that meet higher user demands. The fingerprint scanner integrated in the home button is particularly convenient and can be read 360 degrees. The top model is offered in the colors silver, gold and “space gray”.

iPhone 5S in gold

iPhone5s features modern gold case design gift idea-Christmas 2013

iPhone 5s in elegant cases

Gift idea hi-tech iPhone-5s fingerprint sensor

Micro Gem headphones from IDEA design

ultralight Micro Gem headphones-IDEA Japanese design gift idea Christmas

Its light and simple design made in Japan makes the device extremely practical and modern. The stylish spherical headphones come in small sizes – metallic, pink, orange or silver. It is extremely light – 17.5 grams and fits comfortably into the auricle. The perfect Christmas gift for fitness enthusiasts and amateur athletes.

Idea for gifts for Christmas for music fans: designer headphones

Gifts men hi-tech iphone accessories-micro gem earbuds design

Hi-tech gadgets at a glance: GPS device

GPS device navigation satellite Garmin HUD projected on windshield

The futuristic Garmin HUD GPS device helps increase driving safety by projecting driving directions onto the car’s windshield. The gadget comes in a black case. GPS navigation is an investment in safety. Garmin HUD can be networked with a smartphone. The hi-tech gadget is set automatically depending on the light conditions and light intensity.

GPS navigation system

Garmin HUD-GPS navigation device Geschenidee-hi-tech gadget products

minimalist radio flowFlow-Lexon red portable wireless-in transparent-housing

Flow by Lexon is a minimalist portable radio in a transparent housing – designed by Philip Wong. The modern electronic device combines an artistic look with modern industrial design. The radio is a small piece of modern art and works as an MP3 player. Order here

Radio in a minimalist design

Broadcasting device radio design red transparent artistic look industrial design product

Flow radio device design in a transparent housing

Radio gifts idea black case-transparent works-as an MP3 player

Solar charger from XD design recharges from the sun

Modern Hi-Tech Gifts Solar Charger-XD Design-Refueling Solar Energy Gift Idea

The hi-tech gadget allows you to charge your mobile phone anywhere and for free. It has 5 integrated mini solar cells and resembles a flower – therefore this practical and very economical design device is a great gift idea for women. The charger is made from 45% ecological material and the manufacturing process has contributed to reducing carbon emissions. Order here

Window solar charger for smartphones and MP3 players from XD Design

iPhone window solar charger design gadgets cell phone smart phone mobile ecological

Order ecological charger here

Window solar cell charger smartphone gifts Christmas men

The universal smartphone holder

Universal gift ideas Christmas mobile phone holder Exogear Exomount- rotatable gadget-give away

ExoGear ExoMount is an extremely practical, stable and flexible smartphone holder that can be attached anywhere. The universal holder can be attached to various even uneven surface textures.

Rotatable vehicle mounting base

smartphone holder Hi tech gadgets-vehicle mounting base-universal ExoGear-ExoMount

Omnio WOW-Keys iPhone keyboard with charging station for iPhone

Gift idea hi-tech omnio-wow keyboard charging template iPhone

The device combines a PC keyboard with a convenient charging template for iPhone.

Magnetic floating lamps “Silhouette” and “Eclipse” by Crealev

Christmas Gift Ideas Magnets Floating Lamps Silhouette-Eclipse Crealev

 Magnetic levitation makes this lamp an absolute highlight

Floating design lamp magnetic eclipse gift idea-hi tech gadget

Modern and stable Protective cover with handle for iPad

Protective cover modern material plastic iPad-grip housing-Christmas gift ideas-design

Housing for iPad digital briefcase

Sturdy protective cover, gifts, ideas-Colorful handle-Housing Grip iPad-Colorware

Original ideas for Christmas for men – digital wristwatches

Digital watch design silver metal segments bracelet gift idea men