Hoverboard design for futuristic driving fun in your free time

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Boards that you can float with do not yet exist. But we’d like to give you one in this article Hoverboard design imagine that comes pretty close to that. From the outside, the hoverboard is very reminiscent of a skateboard. The difference lies in the number of wheels. Instead of the usual four, the board has only one large one, which is located in the middle. It was designed by a company based in Silicon Valley.

Black hoverboard design

hoverboard design black color skateboard variant wheel

The hoverboard design is a great way of getting around that is also easy to use. This is achieved through various extras that also make driving easier and more fun. These can be controlled and operated via the app. The hoverboard design is environmentally friendly because it is electrically powered. The motor is accordingly noiseless and has a high output of 5000 watts. This enables a speed of up to 26 km / h. The battery lasts 16 km.

Hoverboard design with electric motor

design hoverboard silicone wheel center board skateboard alternative

A built-in control can estimate your energy and braking needs to make driving more comfortable. In addition, the hoverboard design weighs very little. This is thanks to the use of lightweight materials, including magnesium. This metal was used for the frame.

Operate hoverboard via app

design hoverboard turquoise lighting smartphone app

So if you are looking for a way of getting around as an alternative to the car, with which you can not only have fun, but also protect the environment, you will definitely like this hoverboard design. Travel into the future and take your leisure time to a higher level.

Magnesium as the material for the hoverboard frame

design hoverboard magnesium frame lightweight mobile

Jet through the city on the hoverboard

hoverboard design ride a bike city idea futuristic

Effective lighting of the hoverboard

hoverboard design lighting led pink app operation

Compact design

design hoverboard technologies compact electric smart app

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