High heels design by Marieka Ratsma inspired by biology

high heels innovative design by Marieka Ratsma

That High heels design from Marieka Ratsma presents us with an innovation in fashion. The Biomimicry platform shoes are the result of a unique collaboration between the Dutch fashion designer and the American architect Kostika Spaho. The idea for this High heels design was inspired by the skull of a bird. The sole shape the properties of the light and highly differentiated bone structure within the skull. Such a structure requires little support material, resulting in optimal efficiency, strength and elegance. Biology (and nature at large) is the primary source of inspiration in the making and design of these high heel shoes.

High heels design combines innovation, biology and fashion

high heels design innovation bird bone structure

Looking at nature, she can open our eyes to amazing systems and ways of life. Nature can inspire us in the direction of inventive designs and successful cooperation. Nature can also be a great inspiration for fashion, especially for the use of innovative materials and intelligent constructions. The rapid development of technology like 3D printing can bring us closer to nature.

High heels design inspired by the bone structure of birds

high heels design marieka Ratsma inspires biology biomimicry

Biomimicry platform shoe by Marieka Ratsma

designer high heels marieka ratsma biology biomimicry

Nature as inspiration for the designer piece

Marieka Ratsma designer platform shoes high heels

Idea and innovation behind the design

high heels designer Marieka Ratsma inspiration bird bone biomimicry