Hi Tech Equipment for Modern Apartments – 10 Innovative “Home Gadgets”

Transparent television design innovation ideas

Electronics have made our everyday lives a lot easier. Nowadays one can hardly imagine a conscious life without computers and the internet. The concept for the intelligent apartment of the future has inspired several world designers to create their unique, innovative designs. From universal remote controls to multifunctional kitchen appliances to intelligent toilet lids – the modern apartment must come complete with it Hi tech gadgets. We introduce you to a few innovative helpers that ensure perfect living comfort and security in your own four walls.

Hi tech transparent television

See-through TV design high technologies

In the Hi tech-Era, technical household appliances can be networked with one another, controlled centrally and connected to the Internet at any time. The exclusive transparent television, designed by Michael Friebe, is a groundbreaking combination of a conventional LCD television and the latest TOLED screen technology. This offers the possibility of designing the apartment independently of the devices.

Three-dimensional wall panels – Hi Tech wall

3d wall panels design wall design modern

3d wall panels are perfect for public spaces or studios of artists who want to be inspired or want to concentrate. It’s really amusing that Hi tech Looking at wall panels and exploring the play of light.

3d wall decoration system

3d wall panel wall decoration design office swivel chair

Practical and innovative – the Rima lamp

Rima lamp-high-tech design

The attractive lamp by Matthias Pinkert is equipped with a processor that regulates the temperature and intensity and angle of the beam and even the color.

Rima – innovative table lamp

Modern table lamp-reading lamp designInnovative lamp design

Door handle with self-cleaning system

Door handle self-sterilizing system

Door handle - innovative self-cleaning function

On Switch by Burakov Design – an elegant minimalist switch

Switch On-Switch Design-Hi Tech Design

Give the apartment a futuristic touch – hi-tech wall panels

Hi-tech wall panels-modular rotating elements

You have certainly not seen wall panels like this before. The wall system changes its color on the basis of the triangular rotating element! It would definitely be an eye-catcher in any room.

Contemporary lifestyle

Wall cladding system-color change design

Thats how it works

Wall system-HItech design ideas

Swan – umbrella dryer by Till Noh Seon Mi

Umbrella dryer design high tech gadgetsDrying umbrellas device

Modern building technology – LED ceiling

LED ceiling light design innovationActivate the LED pen ceiling light

The remarkable concept of Seo Dong-Hun offers you the opportunity to paint beautiful, luminous shapes according to your individual taste – and also only with the help of a Led pen that you have to point towards the ceiling!

1 limit faucet with a small water container that lowers water consumption

Faucet Design Artificial Glass Faucet-1limit

IChef oven with touchscreen – aesthetic and futuristic

Oven touchscreen gorenje-ichef design

iChef high-tech Gorenje oveniChef baking oven high-tech