Hammock with attachment to the table for a little nap

Hammock with attachment work table-sleeping

The little nap in the middle of the long working day is no longer a dream with the design by 19-year-old Aquil Rahario from OCAD University. The student from Indonesia has developed Schnap – the perfect means for complete relaxation at work or in the classroom. the Hammock with attachment can be mounted on any table and transported anywhere. The only condition that must be observed is that the table must fit the height of the body.

Hammock with attachment is easy to assemble

Hammock with attachment table-office-cushion-soft

Many fellow students stayed at the university all night to write papers. So the 19 year old student came up with the idea for the hammock with attachment that it would be great if his friends had a place to sleep.

You can sleep anywhere in the hammock with an attachment

Hammock with attachment white-table-sleep-school

The source of inspiration when planning Schnap was the little students who fall asleep all over the school. The hammock can be mounted on any table that is not too big.

You can relax in the Schnap hammock

Hammock with attachment sleeping-table-white-pillow

Once assembled, you can insert something soft like a pillow, blanket or sweater for maximum comfort. The bag in which the hammock is sold can also easily be transformed into a pillow.

This is how the hammock is attached to the table

Hammock with attachment scheme-table-office

The Schnap hammock comes in a bag with a table protector and metal mounting brackets. You just have to mount the bracket on the edge of the table and hang the hammock underneath.

This is what a hammock looks like when it is attached to the table


The development of the product took about a week from the student. Aquil Rahario does not yet know how much his product would cost, but he is looking for investors so that Schnap can go into mass production as soon as possible.

The name of the hammock comes from the English words “School” and “Nap”


Several research shows that sleeping in the workplace could actually improve the work process. Unfortunately, there are few companies at the moment that are taking these facts seriously.

* More information about Aqil Raharjo’s projects can be found here