Haas works of art with humor – original pieces with a message

haas art works with humor coffee table side table sofa white fur

These Haas works of art with humor, that we would like to introduce to you are works by the twin brothers Simon and Nikolai Haas. They stand out beyond any doubt from other works of art, thanks in part to their original aesthetics. The brothers used nature, imagination and color theory as inspiration, creating unique works with lots of humor. Many of the Haas works of art with humor also deal with more intimate and provocative topics and are intended to send out certain messages, including “false shame”.

Haas works of art with humor – dining table and armchair made of fur and with horns

haas art works with humor dining table chairs fur idea bronze

In addition, there are elegant accents that are achieved through the use of shiny, bronze paint and fur. Original shapes create interesting pieces of furniture such as chairs or tables, as well as decorations that would be an interesting detail in any interior. The works of art by the two brothers are becoming more and more popular, especially among well-known personalities. Her fans include Lady Gaga, Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio and Donatella Versace. Are you curious too? Then we have an interesting gallery for you below, which will show you the uniqueness of Haas works of art with humor!

Haas works of art with humor – benches in golden color and coffee table with marble effect

haas artworks humor bench gold bronze table hole marble white look

 Animal artwork with humorous legs

haas artworks humor sheep cattle idea art

 Table design by Haas and colorful vases

haas artworks humor furniture gold tables vases organic colorful

 Multifunctional work of art as a sofa

haas artworks humor couch fur cover legs animal inspiration

 Ornate decorations from Haas with organic shapes

haas works of art with humor sculptures lighting original

 Original, humorous lamp in marble look

haas artworks with humor lamp marble look gray design

 Haas works of art with humor – a table with animal-like legs

haas artworks with humor inspiration nature animal legs table design

 Elegant dining table design by Haas

haas art works with humor gold design table legs nature

Design by Simon and Nikolai Haas.