Futuristic flower pots for the perfect zen garden

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We present you an excellent idea from Japan – futuristic flower pots for the perfect one Zen garden, that attract attention.

Zen garden for home – flower pots in the shape of buildings

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If you want to design a zen garden, this task can be done quickly and easily. The Japanese company Metaphys has launched a collection of plastic flower pots that fascinated us from the first glance. The flower pots were made of plastic. The white color symbolizes peace and quiet and allows the green vegetation to come into its own. Because each of these flower pots has its own design and looks like a mini-door building. The roof of the building is planted with grass and decorated with small figures. Here a cow, there a horse – even human figures can be found on the flower pots. An outdoor stairwell connects all of the designs so when placed side by side they make an exciting combination.

Mini zen garden on the balcony – interesting designs

japanese art mini door zen garden

The flower pots are a creative addition to the interior and give the opportunity to have a small one at home Zen garden to have. You can set accents both independently and together. If you want to create a feel-good atmosphere in your apartment, you can place the flower pots anywhere, even in unusual places – on the balcony, in the kitchen, even in the bathroom. Because of their puristic shapes, they are very popular even with minimalist followers. Plant the flower pots with evergreen plants or orchids – this ensures that you create an allotment garden according to Japanese tradition. The flower pots belong on the dining table, on the kitchen counter or on the windowsill. They can be placed under a hanging lamp so that accents can be set. With a great sense of humor, the Japanese company has designed and launched a practical and original decorating idea for the modern home.

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