Furnishing in a maritime look – designer furniture with rope knots

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An Icelandic designer combines tradition and modernity in his latest collection. the Designer furniture have simple, puristic shapes in the typical Scandinavian living style, but one detail brings a romantic touch from bygone times – the tables and chairs are decorated with rope knots.

Handcrafted designer furniture brings a touch of romance

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Iceland is an island – and understandably the history of its inhabitants is closely linked to the ocean. The relationship between man and nature inspired the designer Brynjar Sigurdarson to create his latest furniture collection. He paid particular attention to research into knotting, and while still a student he visited the anglers in the area and studied the various techniques. A shark hunter showed him fascinating new rope knots that he later incorporated into his furniture in a creative way. In the end, these eclectic designs came about. Manufactured using traditional manufacturing techniques from the region, the Designer furniture create a connection between tradition and modernity, between the past and the future.

Designer furniture promotes cultural exchange

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The first Sigurdarson collection presented Designer furniture, which not only look original, but are also super practical and can be combined with one another. The rope knots spice up the simple aesthetics of the purist pieces of furniture and give the designs an individual look. The designer hopes to arouse interest in the history of Iceland and possibly promote cultural exchange. Ultimately, the ocean has had a major impact on people’s lives around the world. His message is clear – we are all in the same boat.

Modern wooden table using traditional manufacturing techniques

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Matted glass table top and table legs made of solid wood

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Mirror with a maritime look

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The designer studied the traditional knotting techniques from the region

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Handmade wooden table decorated with rope knots

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Wooden bar stool

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Wooden table with attractive details in a maritime look

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Interesting details made of wood and fur

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Rope knots decorate the designer furniture

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Clothes rack made of wood and rope

Furniture maritime living style Scandinavian look

The collection was recently exhibited

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The pieces of furniture bring romantic home from the past

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Table decorated with rope

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