Desk design “Lift Pro” with electrically adjustable height

desk design monitor apple chair metal wood

With this desk you can set the right height at the push of a button. The idea comes from iSkelter and the designers called their work “Lift Pro”. The elegant desk can be used while standing or sitting, as desired. In addition, these are attractive Desk design built-in docking stations available, in which you can accommodate all iOS devices. So you no longer need to wonder what to do with the devices and you also have them in sight. There is also a stainless steel cup holder that prevents you from accidentally knocking over the glass, two felt trays for pens and other small items embedded in the desk, and a simple and ultra-thin mouse pad in black.

Desk design – electrically adjustable and with cup holder

design desk idea button height adjustable beverage holder steel

The attractive desk design impresses not only with its functions and practical extras. The modern and elegant shape of the desk and the interplay of metal and wood are also pleasing to the eye. There are no unnecessary frills that could distract attention while you are working. You can find out more about the desk on the manufacturer’s website. In addition, you will also find an informative video at the end of the article. Before that you can, if you like, have a look at some more detailed photos in order to get a more precise idea of ​​the “Lift Pro” desk design from iSkelter.

Desk design with docking station

desk design docking ipad iphone mouse pad laptop

Desk shelves with black felt

desk design filing felt wood surface lift pro

“Lift Pro” desk with practical extras

desk idea monitor cable mouse pad docking iphone

Desk design made of light wood and black legs

design desk height adjustable laptop mouse pad holder drink

The desk with gray legs

desk white gray laptop mac electric

Design by iSkelter.