Designer wooden wall mirror inspired by the game of daisies

designer wall mirror wood oval flowers mamanonmama

This Designer wall mirror was inspired by the widely famous Daisy game (He loves me … he doesn’t love me). The mirror is called Mamanonmama and was designed by the designer Mario Botta in 2004. The collection consists of five petals that can be arranged in different ways – individually or in groups, placed on a table or hung on the wall. The design options are numerous. The frame is made of high quality, solid black poplar and is perfectly coordinated with the philosophy of the other Horm collections.

Designer wall mirror offers many design options

designer wall mirror wooden chest of drawers mamanonmama horm

The mirror has a 4 mm thick frame, protected by a self-adhesive safety film made of polyethylene. In the event of a break, no dangerous broken glass cannot escape. A template for positioning the mirrors on the wall is provided. You can design a whole flower over the bed or artfully arrange just three petals.

Designer wall mirror made of black poplar

designer wall mirror wood frame hang up

available in different sizes

designer wall mirrors wood different sizes

shape large or small flowers

designer wall mirror wood daisy horm mamanonmama

horizontally or vertically on the wall

wall mirror wood oval elements wall decoration individually groups

nice decoration in the bedroom

designer wall mirror wood decoration bedroom different sizes

bedroom modern wall decoration mirror wood frame

designer wall mirror wood bedroom decor