Designer shoes – brilliant idea by Nicole Goymann & Christoph John

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For many women, shoes are their passion. Rarely do they not belong to the weakness of the female sex, even if the gentlemen do not always make an exception. So it’s no wonder that more and more designers are working on breathtaking models and bringing them onto the market and making the hearts of women beat faster. the Léi Zǔ Shoe Collection by Nicole Goymann and Christoph John presents these elegant designer shoes, which are made from simply twisted raw silk threads. Take a closer look at the models in the gallery below.

Creative ideas create interesting designer shoes

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The stylish accessories are characterized by the following details – rolled up raw silk that adapts perfectly to the foot, paper mulberry for a comfortable step and an acrylic heel that makes the shoe look feminine and elegant. The legend that is known about the raw silk is also interesting. It is about the legendary Chinese Empress Léi Zu. According to the story, none other than she discovered silk and invented weaving. Whether you can believe this legend or not, we are always happy about the discovery!

Goymann and John

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Nicole Goymann and Christoph John are German designers and manufacturers of these great shoe models. Incidentally, Goymann is currently researching Chinese handicrafts and cultural heritage using textiles in Hangzhou. John is a product, furniture and car designer and currently works at the PINWU design studio in Hangzhou. In collaboration with John, the attractive shoe designs were created, which due to their simple and elegant design not only make the evening dress appear in a new light, but are also perfectly suitable for everyday life and work.

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If you also want to feel luxury, pamper yourself and make yourself happy with something very special, don’t wait any longer, get one of the six attractive designs right away. they deserved it!

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