Designer sauna floating on the surface of the water – WA_Sauna

Designer sauna -floss-motor-island-floating-wood

Traditionally, after the hot sauna, you take a cold shower or, in winter, the brave jump into the icy snow. Switching from hot to cold strengthens the immune system, trains the blood vessels and stimulates the metabolism. Having a sauna system in your own home is a real luxury that not everyone can afford. The limited living space, but not only, encourages creative and practical thinking and it is probably precisely with this thought that Go Studio developed a mobile Designer sauna designed.

Designer sauna as a raft with a motor floating in the lake

Designer sauna-sea-swimming-raft-island-motor

A minimalist sauna system is placed on a foundation that floats on the surface of the water. Viewed from a distance, it looks like a raft with a cabin, which is also equipped with a motor and can be positioned differently. The platform can not only be used as a sauna, but also as a small island for sunbathing or simply for swimming.

Designer sauna floating on the surface of the lake and ideal for private use

Designer sauna-raft-motor-island-lake-swimming

However, the private platform with designer sauna is registered as a real watercraft and can possibly be placed.

Jump platform and 22 square meters for sunbathing

Designer sauna -spring board-minimalistic-wood-black-private

Sauna Platform offers year-round use 


Designer sauna offers space for two people inside

designer-sauna-wood-space-two-person-modern* Design by Go Studio