Designer plates made of porcelain with unusually flowing shapes

designer porcelain plates from sylvie godel

Sylvie Godel is a talented young ceramist, born in Switzerland. She has traveled a lot – from Japan, to England, Germany and France – and gained a lot of experience and inspiration. They motivated her to design this diverse collection of porcelain tableware. These Designer plates made of porcelain fascinate with their delicate shapes.

 Designer plates made of porcelain

designer plate porcelain forms sylvie godel

The lines look so fluid and at the same time frozen in one endless motion. The pure white porcelain emphasizes its elegant look. These plates are perfect companions for the fascinating world of gourmet cuisine.

ornate designer plates made of porcelain

designer plates porcelain flowing shapes

Gourmet dessert

designer plate porcelain bending sheet of paper

ornate shapes

designer plate shapes curved asymmetrical design

Art on your plate

designer plate flowing curved shapes

designer sylvie godel plates porcelain forms

designer sylvie godel dishes porcelain shapes

designer porcelain plate white unusual shapes

designer tableware white unusual shape

designer tableware collection sylvie godel porcelain forms