Designer furniture made of acrylic reflects the surroundings

 Office furniture modern acrylic chair table design wood floor covering

We present you the Designer furniture made of acrylic by the Japanese architect Takeshi Miyakawa. Born and raised in Japan, the artist studied architecture and design there. He started his successful career as an artist. An exhibition brought him to the USA, where he fell in love with New York. Nowadays he still lives in Brooklyn, where he finds inspiration for his projects.

Modern designer furniture made of acrylic

creative designer furniture made of acrylic modern inspirations

The designer has visible / invisible in his collection Takeshi Miyakawa Designer furniture made of acrylic presents. The acrylic was painted so that the surface resembles a mirror. The furniture disappears completely from view. Exciting accents are set by several curves. The designer achieved the shape by heating the parts. The table and chair were designed as office furniture and presented at the New York fashion fair.

Original designer furniture made of acrylic

Office table acrylic modern design New York Japanese architect

the Designer furniture made of acrylic are definitely originally designed – similar to all other models from the Japanese architect’s collections. They will be a nice addition to the office furniture or the reception room. He always creates an optical illusion and creates illusions. Sometimes it’s a minimalist table with a hidden drawer, sometimes it’s a wall shelf that floats in the air and sometimes it’s a creative wall shelf made of cardboard. The surprises are never missing and are always presented with a sense of humor.

Acrylic chair – modern furniture from New York

Chair design office furniture inspirations high gloss

The acrylic furniture was varnished so that the surface resembles a mirror

Chair acrylic designer furniture high gloss surface mirror

The design is very impressive due to its simple shape

modern acrylic office furniture invisible mirror surface

The designer furniture reflects the surface

Designer table mirror optics modern office furnishing idea

The designer rounded off the furniture with heat

Acrylic furniture cool designer idea detail mirror optics