Design trend from the furniture fair in Milan – innovative acrylic chair

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We present you one Design trend from the furniture fair in Milan 2013 – an innovative chair made of acrylic fibers.

Design trend – acrylic prevails as a material

Design Trend 2013 Acrylic Chair Furniture Fair Milan

The young Japanese designer Junpei Tamaki presented an absolute Design trend for 2013 – his new collection in Salone Satelite during the 2013 Design Week in Milan. The collection is called 2450 and consists of several chairs made from acrylic sticks. Each stick is only 5mm thick and 1091m long. To build a chair you need 2,450 sticks – which is where the name comes from. The designer has braided the individual sticks together so that the construction has become extremely stable and durable.

Design trend – modern materials

white chair acrylic fibers furniture fair collection

The young Japanese designer Junpei Tamaki presented a Design trend and concept for the future – his chairs look almost futuristic. Each chair is more reminiscent of the frame of a building and was made with great attention to detail. The chair has a comfortable ergonomic design and is suitable for both the dining room and the living room. Plastic chairs are perfect for the garden – they defy bad weather and rain and are very light. Junpei Tamaki chose the material because it not only looks good, but is also very practical. The chair has a simple shape with geometric shapes and resembles a cube. Thanks to the transparent fibers, it can reflect the light and shine in different colors depending on the lighting.

Chair with a cube shape

Chair cube shape acrylic fibers design idea

Acrylic chair by the Japanese designer Junpei Tamaki

Furniture Fair Milan Chair Design 2013 Acrylic

The chair was built from 2450 acrylic fibers

japanese designer furniture milan acrylic braided chairs

Designer furniture – innovative chair

Acrylic chair designer furniture detail white color

Furniture design trend from Japan – chair made of acrylic fibers

two white chairs collection furniture design 2013