Decorative tableware collection “Tête de bois” by Andrea Deppieri

Kitchen accessories Andrea Deppieri deep containers for fruit made of wood and rubber

After meals, traditional decorative bowls and bowls with tasty side dishes such as fruit and vegetables are placed on the table. For this purpose, there is a wide range of vessels in different shapes in the trade, which artfully stage the delicious objects. As an extension of the amazing collection of wooden headgear from 2013, Andrea Deppieri designed the decorative tableware-“Tête de bois” collection with different sculptural shapes. Thanks to their unmistakable dynamic look and their sustainable mix of materials, the “Tête de bois” bowls and bowls can enhance any table.

Baskets, bowls and bowls made from a sustainable mix of materials

andrea deppieri-tete de bois structure convex concave lines

Andrea Deppieri, Architect, designer from Venice and creative director of Newton & Son, presented that decorative tableware Collection at the “Spazio Rossana Orlandi” concept store as part of the Milan Design Week 2014. The bowls were also exhibited as museum exhibits in the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum in Milan.

The decorative tableware – an atmospheric table decoration

Decorative vessels-extraordinary design table decorations

The baskets, bowls and bowls are completely handcrafted. They consist of an amazing combination of different materials that give the dishes their unique character.

The combination of different materials offers dynamic elegance

receptacle basket-for fruits and vegetables-modern structure flexible

Made in Italy from natural black iron wire, recyclable EVA rubber, real wood veneer and plywood, dark mahogany wood and light Tanganika walnut wood, which come from sustainable eco-forests, the bowls get their characteristic appearance with a pronounced lamellar structure. They vary in shape from oval to convex-concave to egg-shaped and are available in several bright colors. Enrich your tables with a unique table set from Tête de bois.

Decorative objects completely in their shape

made in italy concave convex line-edge crockery andrea deppieri

Sustainable bowl available in a wide range of color combinations

Tableware made in italy - Tête de bois collection-Andrea Deppieri

Deep vessels with a wide rim – modern and with a distinctive structure

andrea deppieri design original tableware ideas for table decorations

Exceptional tableware, handmade in Italy

bowls-bowl and basket-made of a mix of materials eva rubber wood washers

Kitchen accessories in ethnic style by Andrea Deppieri

decorative tableware-pronounced structure table decorations ideas original

Slats made of Eva rubber

Household goods bowl recyclable lamellas-made of Eva rubber

Tete de bois basket centrepiece collection during Milan Design Week 2014

Bowl bowls Concept Store Spazio-Rossana Orlandi-milan Design week 2014