Decoration made of wood – rustic sculptures reveal the beauty of the natural material

decoration made of wood cypress lamp stand metal interior

We offer you an overview of the stylish Decoration made of wood– Lamps and sculptures by the American designer Paul Foeckler. His works are thematically called Split Grain. As the designer himself explains, he tries to reveal the hidden beauty of the wood. Made from California cypress, these unique pieces will give any interior an exclusive and stylish look.

Decoration made of wood – lamp and sculpture in one design

decoration made of wood floor lamp design modern rustic stripes

The first piece combines a floor lamp and sculpture in one design. Fascinating details and a soft light define the beautiful Decoration made of wood. The light is scattered from the center of the sculpture, illuminating each element in the composition. Dramatic effect is mainly achieved through the shape of the sculpture.

Decoration made of wood – original sculptures with a rustic look

decoration made of wood sculpture driftwood metal stand black box

The other sculptures in the collection are no less impressive – they imitate natural shapes. The first, called the spine, is characterized by an extraordinary construction. the Decoration made of wood is perfect for both the living room and the office. The next sculpture is inclined and looks like a futuristic staircase that has no beginning and no end. The last sculpture reveals a piece of untreated wood – it looks rough, close to nature and enchants with the beautiful wood color. The artist Paul Foeckler is part of the Studio Line 6. He tries to combine his two passions – technology and art. The artist seeks inspiration from nature in Southern California, where he now lives. To follow his passion, he created this unique collection in collaboration with Etsy. You can enjoy his works in the photo gallery below.

Modern lamp made of wood

deco made of wood design lamp idea original accent deco

Decoration made of wood in the form of an attractive lamp

decoration made of wood lamp scratch light cable rustic

Inspired by nature – wood sculpture

Wood steel construction modern design art usa

The designer tries to combine technology and art in one

Wood sculpture modern deco rustic look office furniture

The designer reveals the beauty of wood with his works

Pieces decoration ideas rustic interior design

Stepped wood sculpture

futuristic wood sculpture stainless steel style design

This sculpture bears the name “spine”

Sculpture wood modern design steel construction decoration

Creative decoration ideas made from untreated wood

Paul Föckler spine modern art deco house

Minimal wood decoration ideas

Home decoration ideas wood sculpture lamp

Beautiful floor lamp and decorative piece in one design

chic modern table lamp wood white light

Wooden sculpture by the talented artist Paul Föckler

Sculpture metal stand Paul Föckler collection

Decoration made of wood

decorative modern art minimalism shape

Modern art from the USA

Decoration idea sculpture design steel stand

Sculpture lamp design ideas collection etsy decoration pieces

Deco table lamp rustic look furniture

Design by Paul Foeckler.