Ceramic flowers – the fascinating art of Angela Schwer

ceramic flowers organic figures corals angela heavy

Nature can be brought directly into the house with artistic objects, which in turn represent wonderful decorations. This is also proven by the unique art objects that we would like to present to you today. These breathtaking Ceramic flowers are the work of the artist Angela Schwer. She lives and works in the USA and, more precisely, in California. The flowers are made in the finest handwork and white in color. The flowers are composed of hundreds of petals made of clay. This creates models that look extremely real. Gardenias, dahlias, poppies and mushrooms served as inspiration for the artist. She doesn’t even use a special studio for this. Instead, she has set up a small work area in an alcove of her living room so that she can work at any time of the day.

Ceramic flowers – dahlia

ceramic flowers gardenia summer look sculpture tinker

In the following we show you more photos of the fascinating and detailed ceramic flowers that are guaranteed to impress you. In addition to the pretty flowers, the artist also creates other sculptures that are inspired by nature. This includes a wide variety of corals, but also interesting sculptures that represent arrangements.

Ceramic flowers in the finest handwork

ceramic flowers garden motifs dahlia angela heavy art

Here you can see a sculpture that represents a dahlia. Immediately noticeable are the delicate petals that make up the flower. All ceramic flowers are roughly the size of the palm of your hand and are therefore compact on the one hand and large enough on the other to show the detailed elements well.

Inspired by nature

ceramic flowers dahlia design handmade art fine work

Bring the garden into the house

ceramic flowers dahlia white clay blossom leaves art

Lifelike depictions of flowers

ceramic flowers nature model art inspiration

Pretty flower arrangement

ceramic flowers arrangment idea artistic roses sculpture

Original ceramic design

ceramic flowers handmade blossom idea sculpture pretty

Art by Angela Schwer available at etsy.