Carbon pavilion – a student project in Stuttgart

carbon dome pavilion idea stuttgart student project

This attractive pavilion is located in Stuttgart and is made of carbon. Of the Carbon pavilion should demonstrate the potential of the new building methods. The nest in an air bubble that the water spider builds underwater served as inspiration for the shape. Instead of a spider web, however, the students used a carbon frame that was attached to the inside of the dome to create the carbon pavilion. The result is a light scaffolding that is not only stable, but also very efficient in terms of materials.

Carbon pavilion in the shape of a dome

natural carbon pavilion inspiration cobweb bubble architecture

The design of the pavilion is not only impressive during the day. At night it is illuminated in an effective way and indirectly. This not only highlights the dome shape, but also emphasizes the carbon structure, which is supposed to imitate the spider’s web. Inside, there are even seats that are arranged in steps. In this way, the carbon pavilion even looks very good as an amphitheater. Now take a look at more photos and a video of this successful project!

Carbon Pavilion – A student project

pavilion carbon inspiration air bubble water spider idea students

The pavilion in Stuttgart

pavilion carbon scaffolding idea architecture idea germany

The carbon frame

pavilion carbon beam carbon fiber framework light weight

Pavilion with seating

pavilion carbon architecture design lightweight student project idea

Illumination of the pavilion

pavilion carbon night lighting plastic idea project

Attractive design idea for a pavilion

pavilion carbon stuttgart university innovative construction

Lightweight pavilion

pavilion made of carbon steps lighting indirect lightweight construction

Environmentally friendly material consumption through carbon

pavilion carbon research square design dome facade

pavilion carbon robot arm construction build

pavilion carbon work robot construction research project

Pavilion carbon mechanically lightweight plastic stable dome

pavilion carbon water spider cobweb air bubble inspiration nature