Carbon bike Vanhawks Valor with numerous smart features

Smart carbon bike acceleration-and-position sensors

“Vanhawks Valor” (Valor comes from English and means something like courage, bravery) – that’s the name of the first Smart Carbon bike. The beautifully designed carbon fiber bike of the future has the usual things like calorie counter, distance covered and other metrics that you can track on an app, as well as a number of security measures such as anti-theft system, handlebars with built-in navigation arrows, so your eyes can be pointed directly at the path and your hands can stand firmly on the handlebars.

Smart carbon bike with sensors and bluetooth


The Vanhawks Valor also has features such as warning of objects in the blind spot, on-board sensors for measuring travel time, speed, comfortable seating position, particularly ergonomic saddle, pedals and handles, an intelligent system with route storage and suggestions, three different sizes (small, medium, large). The LED displays automatically signal via bends along the road and you are warned by vibrations on the handlebars when an object is detected in your blind spot. Isn’t that great?

Here you can watch the video and find out more interesting information about the C-fiber bike. We hope you enjoy it!

Extraordinary carbon bike from Vannhawks with GPS navigation



Carbon bike ensures more safety in road traffic




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