Bookshelf design and modern living worlds by Lago, Italy

Bookshelf design -living room-modern-furnishing-glass

Shelves and shelving systems take up honored space in our living space and can really charm it if they keep all our purchases and treasures tidy. Functionality ensures greater clarity Bookshelf design, that, despite digitization, not only keeps old-fashioned books present and simply brings more order into our lives.

Bookshelf design and modern furnishings by Lago

Bookshelf design -living room-room divider-white-glass-modern

The Italian brand Lago delights with several playful designs that find a connection between art and furniture design and offer this to people as a functional piece of furniture. The real furniture works from the Italian manufacturer are characterized by cheerful colors and simple, clear lines. We present 8 excellent examples of bookshelf design in modern interiors.

Bookcase design – free-standing shelving system Air

Bookshelf design -white-glass-modern-contemporary

The open shelving system Air belongs to the furniture collection of the same name for living and sleeping areas, which can be put together in a particularly flexible and varied manner. A simple design language and transparent details are an important feature.

Bookshelf design with an airy, transparent effect

Bookshelf design -living room-modern-white-room divider

The open bookshelf design creates an airy, almost floating effect and the very space-consuming storage system looks really “light”. The vertical elements of the supporting structure are made of glass and create this optical illusion.

Horizontal shelves made of solid material and vertical structural elements made of glass

Bookshelf design -living-partition-black-shelves-glass

The attractive bookshelf system can also serve as a room divider and an airy partition. The really practical function for stowing should not be underestimated. The shelves are open on both sides and the objects stored there are easily accessible.

ShelvesUse ystem Air as a functional room divider

Bookshelf design -living-white-glass-room divider-large

Air with its exceptional design has nothing in common with traditional bookcases and clunky storage systems. It can be used in any area and is available in freely selectable sizes and number of shelves.

Different geometric shapes are possible


The shelving system consists exclusively of wood and glass and can be designed up to a maximum of 350 cm high and 184 cm wide.

Bookcase Design Et Voilá

bookshelf-design-living room-gray-curtain-extendable-modern

Et Voilá is a wall shelf system that can be completely designed according to individual wishes. Numerous colors are available for the storage space and can be playfully combined with one another.

Wall shelves with pull-out cupboard doors made of opaque fabric


The special thing about this storage system are the foldable cabinet fronts, which actually consist of opaque fabric. This makes it easy to cover part of the things stored inside. With this particularly clever shelf design you avoid the heavy constructions and bring a breath of fresh air into the living room.

Different combinations of modules and colors can be selected


The colors for the construction of the modules and the pull-out fabric part can be selected individually and coordinated with one another.

Design Net bookcase


Net is a free-standing, modular shelving system that consists of several cubic modules. The exact number varies according to individual wishes and can be expanded with additional ones at a later date.

Cube-shaped modules can be put together easily


Open modules are optionally available, which underline the playful character. In color or made of glass, these can be flexibly placed on top of each other and next to each other.

Very flexible shelving system with a modern design

bookshelf-design-living room-modern-black-clinker-brick wall

Similar to the Air collection, these modules can be used and designed in a variety of ways. As a wall unit, room divider or free-standing bookshelf, they would find a place in every living area.

Rectangular modules of different sizes optional

bookshelf-design-living room-black-rectangular-gray-brick wall

Bookcase design Tangram


The Tangram collection has an even stronger impact on the already well-known preference for geometric shapes and figures. Triangles and rhombuses with matching proportions are to be met. These can be combined and arranged in a playful and varied way.

Bookshelf design – triangular modules for wall mounting form playful figures


The modules make imaginative arrangements possible, for example funny little men who also serve as shelves. Of course, they can be put together as a whole and act as a completely normal wall shelf with a geometric structure.

Functional wall shelves as a decorative design element


The playful elements, principally available in three sizes, are suitable for easy wall mounting and can be selected in different colors. They give a lively atmosphere and a playful touch in the modern interior.

Bookshelf design – wall decoration and storage space in one

bookshelf-design-wall-shelf-white-living room-modern-purple-wall color

Available in several colors


Tangram can also be used in the children’s room

bookshelf-design-wall-shelf-children's room-red-high-gloss-playful-modern

Tangram with its playful bookshelf design is wonderfully suitable for furnishing children’s rooms. The assembled figure and shape, as well as the color of the elements, play an important role.

Simple, white bookshelves above the bed contrast with the black wall


Of course, the geometric wall shelf modules can simply be attached to the wall on their own and remain true to their function. Used in a minimalist way in bedrooms, these narrow bookshelves above the bed are suitable for bedside tables.

Bookcase Design Slide

Bookshelf-design-wall unit-sideboard-television-pastel colors

The geometric design language of the Design Slide bookshelf is easy to understand. The wall shelves are designed for wall mounting and are kept open. The back of the individual modules is solid and resolved in color.

Wall shelves and spacious living room in modern pastel colors


The shelves have sloping side walls, but do not let the stowed objects and books fall. Slightly inclined and emphasized by the color, a slide shelf is a real highlight in modern room design.

Creative, playful Bookshelf design


Bookshelf design Diagolinea


The Diagolinea shelving system consists exclusively of open wall shelves without a back and placed in a varied, untidy and relatively inclined manner. Clever stoppers attached to the storage area prevent books and other items from falling or sliding.

Playful, individual designs with the wall shelves are possible

bookshelf-design-children's room-shelves-house-wall-paint

As usual at Lago, the shelves from the Diagonela collection are available in several colors and can be tastefully combined with other furniture from the brand.

Modern wall shelves playfully arranged

bookshelf-design-living room-white-yellow-modern-high-gloss-creative

Design Statica bookcase


Statica is a shelving system designed for wall mounting and perhaps as the name suggests, it is a playful design with the static rules closely connected.

Wall shelves playfully mounted around an axis


The load-bearing structure consists of a vertical axis attached to the wall, around which open, narrow, elongated shelves are attached in various ways. The objects placed on it should be sorted according to the static rules according to weight and space.

Bookcase design Pontaccio


Pontaccio brings out the character of the final bookcase design. It consists of two L-shaped, narrow shelves that are mounted on the wall offset from one another. This creates a closed and an open shelf, which can also be expanded as required.

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