Belkin iPad accessory – practical trio for the kitchen

kuechen idea ipad accessory from belkin bracket

The iPad makes a fantastic recipe book to use in the kitchen, but where to put it while you cook is always an issue. Belkin thought of this, and successfully solved the problem, with the introduction of three new ideas for a Belkin iPad accessory for the kitchen.

Belkin iPad accessory – The Chef Stand

The first iPad accessory from Belkin is the Boss Stand and Stylus. This is a washable stand with different angles. There is also a matching pen with a simple grip and a magnetic tip. These accessories are designed so that you can continue working with your iPad even when your hands are greasy.

Belkin iPad accessory – Chef Stand with stylus 

stylus rubber ipad accessory bracket countertop kitchen

The second iPad accessory from Belkin is the kitchen cabinet mount. This is easy to use and can be attached wonderfully without drilling by clamping. Your iPad is at eye level and you can continue cooking without worrying about anything. Because now you know that your iPad is safe and in good hands.

Kitchen Cabinet Bracket – A practical iPad accessory

kitchen cupboard bracket idea ipad accessory from belkin

The third iPad accessory from Belkin is the refrigerator mount. This is easily attached to the refrigerator door using magnets, and you can determine the height yourself. The iPad 2 can then be snapped into it.

Fridge holder for the Belkin iPad

fridge holder ipad accessory from belkin magnet

Every Belkin iPad accessory is designed specifically for the iPad with the exception of the second accessory. This is a universal holder for tablets. Prices vary between $ 39.99 for the Chef Stand and $ 49.99 for the Kitchen Cabinet Bracket. Don’t find this cheap?

The iPad in the lying position on the boss stand

ipad accessory from belkin kitchen stand recipe book

Read recipes with ease with the Chef Stand iPad accessory

belkin boss stand idea accessories ipad

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