Attractive piano design by Goldfinch Pianos & Based Upon

instrument piano design metal music cover buttons pedals

If you are looking for a special sculpture then this stunning piece is for you. It is also useful, at least if you know how to play the piano. This piano immediately catches the eye because of its original shape. The design, called The Twist, was developed over the course of 9 years and inspired by nature and the galaxy. The shape can be found in the flowers of the sunflower, as well as in star-covered space. The Twist also includes some luxury tables and consoles that are only available in limited editions. What that Piano design from the London-based company Goldfinch Pianos and Based Upon, it is available for a price of $ 708,500. With this model, a musical instrument was transformed into a true sculpture.

Piano design made of metal

metal piano design cover sculpture goldfinch based upon

Metal was chosen as the material for this impressive design. That is what makes the piano so unique. It has an elegant and sometimes rustic look, which is reinforced by the “Based Upon” lettering above the buttons. The surface was chosen by the artists because it corresponds to the structure of the earth’s surface. This is another quality that corresponds to inspiration from nature. If you choose this piano, you are guaranteed to have an enchanting piece in your home that will amaze everyone. Have a look at some more detailed photos of the piano design below to get a more precise impression.

Piano design with name “Based Upon”

keys piano metal music instrument metal design

Inside the piano

strings piano music metal instrument design idea

The piano should be reminiscent of spirals

piano design metal spiral shape the twist

The design for the piano by Goldfinch Pianos and Based Upon 

based upon piano design goldfinch pianos metal

Design by Goldfinch Pianos and Based Upon.