Aquarium and bird cage in one design – the duplex concept

Cage budgies aquarium modern design

We present you an innovative concept by the French designer Constance Guisset. She has already become known in her home country with innovative projects. The new design is called Duplex. As the name itself suggests, this is a combination between Aquarium and bird cage.

Aquarium and bird cage in one design

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That Aquarium and bird cage offer the opportunity to breed fish and budgies in a limited space. The bird cage is long and is located under the aquarium. The aquarium itself has been deformed with heat so that the birds can have eye contact with the fish. The construction looks futuristic.

The high cage offers enough space for small birds – canaries or budgies will certainly feel at home there. Creative perches and climbing ladders ensure that the birds feel good, as they have an overview of the entire room. The aquarium is equipped with seaweed and can accommodate several fish. The designer also opted for a very practical concept – the cage and the aquarium can easily be cleaned separately so that the animals do not have to be disturbed.

Aquarium and bird cage – space-saving alternative

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The design connects Aquarium and bird cage in one and will certainly fascinate all animal lovers. Not only will the animals look at the ambience with curiosity, the children will also be delighted. It is a clever and very successful concept that the designer has already offered. At that time she built an aquarium in the bird cage. In the photo gallery you will find more photos.

Constance Guisset graduated from cultural management in Paris. Among other things, she worked for the Japanese embassy. The collaboration with different cultures inspired her designs and brought her several prizes and awards for design over the years. A very successful career followed and many publications in various magazines around the world.

The aquarium was specially deformed with heat

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Bird cage with an integrated aquarium

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Bird cage for budgies

Aquarium bird cage concept duplex

Another similar design by Constance Guisset

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