A designer wooden birdhouse designed for sparrows

Designer birdhouse wood-fragile-stable-form

This Designer wooden birdhouse is specially designed and built for sparrows. The designer Ryan Bruxvoort worked on several variants in his endeavor to create the perfect sparrow house until he created the Affinity House. His goal was to create a cozy shelter that blends in nicely with the environment and is still attractive to the birds so that they want to inhabit it.

Designer bird house for sparrows


Ryan wanted to express his empathy for the sparrows in a beautiful way. This led to the development of a bird feeder with a delicate, almost fragile-looking shape, but which is very well constructed and stable.

Designer bird house made of maple wood


Manufacturing started with two sheets of solid maple wood. They have been processed several times to achieve the desired shapes and dimensions. 65 precisely cut wooden strips form the frame. 24 small wooden blocks were attached in various places inside, which made it possible for the designer to assemble the two side walls.

View from below


The house was then put together with silver screws and wires and hung. They complement the color of the natural maple wood nicely. Two vertical bands of veneer were used to strengthen the structure.

Design by Ryan Bruxvoort

Side view


the bird feeder seen from afar


Manufacturing begins with a prototype

designer birdhouse prototype cardboard paper

designer birdhouse prototype box



designer birdhouse wood building process