A designer hanging staircase offers space to work and plenty of storage space

Design hanging staircase shelving desk Objectélevé meike meijer

One of the oldest tricks for saving space in the home is to use the space under the stairs as extra storage space. But instead of hiding everything in cupboards and drawers underneath, the Dutch studio has Mieke Meijer designed an open space-saving installation. It combines a desk, shelves and storage space. the Design hanging staircase, Called “Object élevé”, it was designed for a private client near The Hague. This clever and functional piece connects two floors in the house and combines a whole lot of furniture in one small space.

Space-saving designer hanging staircase

design stairs combination steel wood space work storage space

The three-part installation was made from oak and black steel in Meijers workshop in Eindhoven. This design with an industrial but elegant aesthetic is inspired by the black and white photographs by Berndt and Hilla Becher. The couple photographed industrial buildings in the 1950s. The staircase contrasts with the light blue walls and subdued colors in the living area.

Design hanging staircase inspired by industrial buildings

Design hanging staircase space-saving mieke meijer

Object élevé has two parts: a sturdy lower part with a desk and a hidden cabinet behind it and a light, suspended upper part consisting of open frames used as shelves. The construction is based on the Samba step principle. They are steep, but still safe and easy to walk on. This interesting Design hanging staircase can be admired during Salone del Mobile from April 8th to 13th, 2014 in Milan.

made of oak and black steel

design hanging staircase storage desk Objectélevé

Installation in three parts

Design hanging staircase storage space desk wood steel black

industrial but elegant aesthetic

design hanging staircase storage space wood steel shelves

offers space for work and storage

Objectélevé design installation stairs desk steel

design hanging staircase installation meike meijer

Objectélevé design storage space stairs steel wood

Objectélevé designer stairs wood steel meike meijer