3D printing merges with the furniture industry – 29 furniture of the future

3D print furniture-design-computer-generate-model

Models and small objects have long been easily generated on the computer and then given for printing. Small 3D printers can be operated in the household and thus produce jewelry or other small items yourself. The technology now works on a larger scale and functional things emerge from it, such as pieces of furniture. Some designers go a step further with the idea of ​​making technology accessible to the average user so that everyone can produce their dream furniture themselves. However, the process is very economical, since no materials are wasted, and there are no longer any transport costs because the product is manufactured on site. 3D printing has several advantages and can make life easier for people in every sense. Since 2012 it has been possible to individually develop prostheses for disabled people or animals and are usually even cheaper than z. B. the conventional prosthetic legs.

With 3D printing, there are no longer any limits – furniture design and production

3d printing furniture design table dining table cell structure movement

The young designer found inspiration in the natural growth of tree roots. The model for the 3D model is a table that he handcrafted from walnut tree in 2014. The digitally modeled larger version – the ‘Big Growth’ table, is made of solid bronze.

* Design by Mathias Bengtsson

Imaginative designer furniture from 3D printing

3D printing -furniture-design-table-dining table-plant-cell-structure

Even metal can be processed using 3D printing technology, but it is still easier to produce the digitally generated shape from plastic or resin and to give it a finish in the optics of your choice. The finite product benefits from the top properties of the materials, hence also the user – metallic look with the lowest weight. The ‘Sedona’ dining table by J. Kyttanen shines seductively in bronze and is inspired by the sandstone formations in Arizona.

* Design by Janne Kyttanen

Furniture from the 3D printed sofa ‘So Good’ with a lattice structure

3D printing -furniture-design-lattice-structure-sofa

* Design by Janne Kyttanen

The ‘So Good’ sofa designed by the same designer is reminiscent of a metal pot cleaner or at least a dense metal grille. But actually feels very soft. It is made of resin and coated with copper and chrome.

Large 3D printed table with chess pattern

3D printing -furniture-design-table-black-white

* Designed by Joris Laarman Lab

Any color design is possible for furniture produced by means of 3D printing. Structures, textures and color gradients are achieved immediately during production and the effects are immediately visible. The production process not only works for voluminous objects, but is also used for surfaces. The ‘Master Table’ by J. Laarman sees how Alice escaped in Wunderland, but it is also functional and can be integrated into any modern interior.

Exhibition of designer furniture from 3D printing

3d-printing-furniture-design-exhibition-stu% cc% 88hle-wellenform

* Exhibition with 3D furniture from Joris Laarman Lab

In 2014, the young design team at Joris Laarman Lab presented an entire exhibition in the New York Gallery dedicated to 3D printing. The objects on display are exclusively pieces of furniture, such as chairs, benches and tables, which have been produced from different metals. The aim of the young designers is to make known how multifaceted the production process can be.

Chair from 3D printing – ‘Endless Pulse’

3D printing-furniture-design-stugl-braid-gray

* Designed by Dirk Vander Kooij

3D printing is more environmentally friendly than other production processes, as it does not leave any residues. As much raw material is used as the finished product needs, with no leftovers, no waste. In addition, recyclable materials can be used more widely. Designer Dirk Vander Kooij developed a 3D printer himself, which makes mistakes, but only the unusual pieces of furniture benefit from it. The starting material is old refrigerators, which are processed to create unique, environmentally friendly designer items.

‘Metsidian’ table with sci-fi flair 


* Design by Janne Kyttanen

Janne Kyttanen is among the first designers to try out 3D printing technology and use it in their work. Today he works with natural materials such as lava stone and metal and uses them in surprising combinations. The ‘Metsidian’ table was produced by explosive cladding. It is a process in which an object is imprinted on a flat surface by means of explosives or two metals are connected to one another over a large area.

‘Durotaxis’ chair made from 3D printing – plant cell structure 

3d-printing-mo% cc% 88bel-design-armchair-gradient-blue

* Designed by Alvin Huang for Synthesis Design

The architect A. Huang may have designed the rocking chair of the future. This is produced using 3D printing and is characterized by its oval shape and cell structure. The color scheme is definitely remarkable. From turquoise to light sea green to white on the outer edges, great ombre effects are created.

Unusual design furniture made by means of 3D printing – computer table

3D printing -furniture-design-table-base-color

* Design by Kram Weisshaar

Designer K. Weisshaar presented an entire collection of functional furniture that contradicts the widespread idea of ​​furniture from 3D printing. He achieved a contrast between the surface and the base in the design of his furniture to underline how multifaceted the production process actually is. The plate or the surface is simple, flat and functional. In contrast, the base is complex, colorful and unusual.

Comfortable sofa with a wave-like surface

3d printing furniture design sofa couch base upholstery

* Design by Lucas Maassen

‘Brainwave’ sofa didn’t get its name for nothing. It got its waveform after examining brain waves and generating them on the computer in the manner of a surface. Using 3D printing, a unique foam relief is created and a cat-friendly upholstery for sofa is made from it.

Bold designs created using 3D printing – glacier table


* Design by NOWlab

The designers at NOWlab dedicated the design of this rectangular table with four legs to the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska. It is made of biodegradable material and represents the optimal cycle of materials. Its semi-translucent look is reminiscent of the icy surface of a glacier and has been produced layer by layer using 3D printing.

Complex structures and impressive materials are only possible with 3D printing


* Design by Daniel Widrig

Nature has always fascinated designers, artists and architects and serves as an endless source of inspiration. Complex structures of plant origin or transferred from the animal world are flexible, but also particularly stable in order to be able to adapt to the constantly changing living conditions. This unique shape can be reproduced in every dimension using 3D printing.

Volume and any shape is possible through 3D printing


* Design by Formnation

The production process sets almost no limits and gives designers free rein to their imagination. Materials and possible shapes are variable. Deer ‘degenerate’ chair by designer D. Widrig consists of three billion three-dimensional pixels and was made from plaster of paris, sugar and sake. Formnation designed a chair as if it had its own DNA and was made out of bones.

Unique form language and complex design – 3D printing sets no limits


* Student project for MADM

Even as students, designers still have the opportunity to create ultra-complex structures, thereby also creating figures themselves, and to experiment with them. We have summarized 29 results of studies and concepts in this article. Have a look at this!

Filigree structure that also conveys stability – the only possible production process – 3D printing


* Design by Vincent Coste

Combination of different materials – table with wooden top and legs with integrated lighting

3d-printing-furniture-design-table-wood-table-by-cell structure

* Designed by Aleksandrina Rizova

Table for two with wicker structure 

3d printing furniture design table structure mesh

* Design by Cohda

Round coffee table with glass top and table column made by 3D printing


* Designed by Onur Ozkaya

Design chair ‘Generico’ inspired by cell structure


* Design by Marco Hemmerling and Ulrich Nether

Furniture collection ‘Gaudi’ produced by means of 3D printing – bar stool


* Designed by Ventury

Rectangular side table Gaudi in metallic color


* Designed by Ventury

Biomimicry chair in white from 3D printing


* Designed by Lilian van Daal

Aluminum chair with gradient effect

3d printing furniture design aluminum chair gradient

* Designed by Joris Laarman Lab

‘Batoidea’ chair with curved shapes

3d printing furniture design armchair structure waveform

* Design by Peter Donders

any structure is possible by 3D printing – Eiffel chair

3d printing furniture design chair eiffel tower

* Designed by Ventury Paris

Noize ‘three-legged chair with backrest


* Design by Guto Requena

One-legged stool with a swivel shape


* Designed by Patrick Jouin

Bookcase with complex, curved elements


* Designed by Joris Laarman Lab

Shelf wall made of voluminous hexagonal elements


* Design by 3D Printing Industry