10 special design trash cans with innovative functions


Would you like to set new accents in your kitchen? Why not with a new one Design trash can! In this article, we would like to present ten extraordinary garbage bins, rubbish bins and paper baskets, which impress with their innovations such as the slow-closing system, one-touch lids, with sensor lids, etc., as well as their unusual shapes and colors. Different designers have developed a variety of variants, for every need and taste.

Design trash can: minimalist pedal bin by Grace Youngeun Lee

Pedal-bin-minimalissimo-wastelee-modern-design-rubbish bin

This waste bin designed by the American design student Grace Youngeun Lee, is characterized by geometry, clear lines and sophistication, despite the huge chaos that presumably reigns in it. The design consists of two parts, with no visible hinges or other disturbing elements.

Pedal-bin-design-rubbish bin-minimalissimo-wastelee-simply-effective


Designer trash can, perfect for outdoor barbecues

Design trash can hobob pop up party litter bin

The waste bin Pop up party from Hubnub USA is made entirely of cardboard and is therefore 100% recyclable.


Collecting garbage separately is easier than ever!

Barcode-Recycling-Station-Residual Waste-Sorting-Innovative

Woo Seok Park’s Barcode Recycle Station is a novelty that will especially delight young people. Four bins are available for each type of recyclable material. The corresponding compartment opens automatically when the barcode is scanned.

Recycle bins become real eye-catchers

Design-trash can-recycle bins-in-look-crumpled-paper

The recycle bin “I’m wastebasket“, Designed by the Danish designer John Brauer looks exactly like its contents – crumpled paper. The object was made of hard polyethylene

Recycle bin is similar to wrinkled paper

Design-trash can-trash can-paper-baskets-white-bin-bin-waste

Garbage can-trash-bin-bin-wastebasket-unique-design-white

Tri3 design rubbish bin for the kitchen


Tri3 trash can from Constance Guisset consists of three cylindrical buckets stacked on top of each other that open when you press a certain pedal. The pedals are made in pastel blue.


Ovetto recycling container sorts your garbage

Egg-shaped-garbage can-ovetto-colors-Gianluca-Soldi-collect-garbage-separately

Ovetto is a design by the Italian architect Gianluca Soldi, who likes to deal with environmental issues. The unmistakable egg shape and colored doors make recycling easier and more organized.

garbage-separately-collect-design-garbage can-Ovetto-Gianluca-Soldi

Design trash can minus combats bad smells


The cold-hearted object, designed by Cem Tutuncuoglu, is best suited for the stinking garbage. You can set the desired temperature and there is no more odor caused by food spoilage.

Litter bin with rustic charm


This trash can is handcrafted from red cedar wood, then sealed with hard wax and shellac and intended for outdoor use. Its square design looks modern and simple, but exudes a certain country house charm.

Trash can inspired by the camera bezel


Hyejin Lee’s Click Hybrid bin can be opened like a camera shutter with the push of a button – the opening size depends on the size of the product to be thrown away.

Expandable trash


The expandable waste paper basket from Front is a practical and elegant item for every office.