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The most common causes of toothache – tips about dental care

Toothache Causes Tips Tooth And Oral Hygiene

the Causes of Toothache are of different nature, sometimes unknown. In addition to tooth decay and root canal treatments, you can also feel inflammation and illnesses in the mouth as a result of discomfort. There are different types of toothache. However, these are a symptom that something is happening – in most cases nothing positive. Oral health has a major impact on the whole body. So what can cause toothache??

Here are some of the causes of toothache:

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1. Toothache due to tooth decay – poor oral hygiene and the invasion of germs play a decisive role in this. Caution! Tooth decay can also develop under a crown! The main things that make a tooth sick are caries bacteria and the blow.

2. Nerve inflammation – eating and drinking is accompanied by severe pain. Cold is perceived as extremely painful. Then root canal treatment is needed.

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3. Get pain just after a treatment – e.g. after a new filling. If the tooth decay that has already been removed was very slow and the time is already offended, the medical intervention can be a cause of toothache. Too much filling can lead to persistent pain.

4. Toothache associated with oral mucosal disease – The disease can be described as an infection. It is shaped by sudden acute pain.

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5. Pain due to wisdom teeth – They come more often in the lower jaw than in the upper jaw. If the tooth eruption is disturbed, the mucous membrane pulsates and picks. This can even lead to headaches and uncomfortable earaches.

6. Toothache is possible with an exposed tooth neck when the gums have receded – teeth that are not covered by the protective enamel are very sensitive to cold and hot, sweet and sour because of the temperature differences.

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7. Inflammation of the gums (periodontitis) can inflame bones and fibers and it can be very painful.

8. Toothache occurs when you have a cold, and the gums are extremely sensitive when you are pregnant.

If you have a toothache, see your dentist for an examination as soon as possible!

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